Your Guide to the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

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spring cleaning checklist

The flowers are starting to blossom, birds are chirping but your home still feels musty and untidy. It’s time for a spring clean.  Simply spring cleaning is not the answer. Only 26% of Americans include deep cleaning in their spring cleaning regime.  It’s important to have an action plan, you need a systematic spring cleaning checklist.  How… Read more »

3 Clever Household Uses for the Citrus Peel

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citrus peel

Citrus fruits can help to strengthen your immune system, improve digestive health, aid in weight loss, and reduce your risk of kidney stones. While you may know these are a healthy addition to your diet, you may not know that citrus fruit has a secret. What’s that secret you may wonder? Citrus peel makes a… Read more »

Making Your Stainless Spotless: The Top Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

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stainless steel appliances

Real talk: refrigerator doors can be a real source of embarrassment. Those 15 layers of smudges and remnants of last night’s spaghetti dinner on your stainless steel are not doing your kitchen any favors. But don’t fret. Your journey to smudge-free stainless steel appliances and a squeaky clean kitchen has begun. Before you run out to… Read more »