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The bathroom is supposed to be where you escape from your children, get some needed privacy, get ready for the day, or take a relaxing bath. But, relaxing can be challenging to do, especially when your bathroom is full of clutter everywhere you look.

Before you know it, your bathroom has let you with more anxiety and may have you wondering how to declutter the bathroom. There’s no need to continue worrying because below, you’re going to find some simple fixes that will get your bathroom back in order before you know it.

And then it’ll return back to your peaceful oasis once again.

1. Use a Shower Caddy

We’ve all experienced times when each corner of the bathtub is cluttered with shampoos, conditioners, body washed, and more. Not only is this an eyesore, but it’s also dangerous because you’ll find yourself stumbling to step over bottles when getting in and out of the tub.

But, by using a shower caddy, you can ensure that all of your shower essentials are stored neatly in one place. Typically the shower caddy will hang over your shower head, and it’ll even have space for you to store your washcloths or shower sponges after you’ve showered.

Talk about convenience.

2. Use Storage Bins

Rather than storing everything under your sink and hunting for things when you need it, store things in bins. For example, if you’ve got tons of nail polish, cotton balls, and polish remover, store those items in a bin together.

That way, when you’re ready to do your nails, you’ll have all the tools and equipment you need in one space instead of scattered under the sink. Storage bins are simple to use and can be folded and put away when not in use.

They bring order under your sink, where tons of clutter could occur.

3. Use Trays

If you’re someone with tons of products sprawled across your counter, it can be challenging to see anything other than a mess. This is such an easy fix; all you’ve got to do is make use of a small tray.

Preferably a tray that will fit in the corner of your sink counter away from the edge without taking up a lot of space. Now you’ve got all your products neatly stored and can get full access to your sink back.

4. Toilet Paper Rack

Most people don’t think much about the toilet paper in their bathrooms until it runs out. But, if you’re someone that stores toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet or under the sink, it can take up valuable space.

Instead of doing this, invest in a toilet paper rack or over the toilet rack. You can store things like toilet paper, towels, and other items you need while making the most of your bathroom space.

How to Declutter the Bathroom?

When you’re looking for ways to declutter the bathroom, there are tons of simple homes that you can do. Think about investing in a shower caddy to improve your shower’s functionality and get some storage bins underneath your sink.

After you’ve got your bathroom free of clutter, it may need a deep clean. And if so, don’t hesitate to call the professionals and request a quote from Elite Home Cleaning. They know how to put the shine back in your shower tile.