living room clutter

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Does it feel like your living room in shrinking with all of the clutter? It can feel like living room clutter multiplies when you’re not looking. As one of the rooms where you spend a majority of your time, the living room can also quickly become the go-to drop zone for everything.

On average, Americans are indoors about 90% of the time. With so much time spend indoors, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter.

Getting your living room clutter under control makes the room more relaxing and enjoyable. Decluttering also frees up space so you can use the living room to its full potential, and it makes cleaning more efficient since you’re not dealing with so much stuff.

Check out these tips for creating a clutter free living room.

Consider Uses for the Room

Living rooms often become multipurpose spaces, used for watching TV, chatting, playing, and doing homework. Think about the activities you do in the space and how you want it to be used.

Now, decide which items currently in the living room fill those purposes. Anything that doesn’t belong or help with those tasks should go. 

Likewise, if you have items in the living room that belong somewhere else, move them to that spot now. If you have a home office but your bills are piled up on your end table, move them to the office. If you still have a few tools from your last home improvement project, take them back to the garage.

Create Living Room Zones

Set up different areas for different activities that happen in the living room. If your kids play in the living room, create a toy corner. If you have a mini office in the space, set up a desk and bookshelf area. 

Keeping the items related to those activities in those zones helps you stay organized and keeps everything from piling up all over the living room. With a play area, the toys stay confined to that part of the living room instead of creeping throughout, for example.

Add Organizers

The things that you have left in your living room need a dedicated spot to keep from getting out of control again. Pick up cute organizers that go with your living room decor and work well for holding the items.

Decorative baskets work well for things like toys, throw blankets, and magazines. You can also grab a magazine rack or other specific organizers for the items you keep in your living room. Storage ottomans give you hidden storage to keep items close but out of sight.

Pick Up Regularly

Decluttering once gets your living room tidy initially, but you need to keep it up regularly to prevent it from returning. Get used to putting things back where they belong in the living room when you’re done using them.

Set aside time to tidy up the space on a daily or weekly basis. Cleaning takes Americans an average of 6 hours per week, but decluttering and tidying up regularly can save you time on cleaning.

Tackle Living Room Clutter

Eliminating living room clutter and keeping it under control makes the space more comfortable and functional. You can enjoy your space more when it’s tidy and organized.

If you need help keeping your living room tidy, consider our cleaning services. We can dust, vacuum, sanitize, and handle other regular cleaning tasks to make your life easier.