how to clean a sink

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Seeing as they’re the receptacles for food scraps and saliva and a variety of other entities, sinks are havens for germs. As such, when cleaning a sink, you have to know exactly what you’re doing. 

Not sure of how to clean a sink in the correct manner? Then read on. This is the best way to clean sinks

Scrub the Sink

You should start the process by scrubbing the sink. This is done to remove noticeable particles. It won’t clean the sink entirely but it will leave it looking fairly nice. 

To facilitate this, you should make use of liquid substances. A steel sink calls for a baking soda/water solution. Porcelain, cast iron, or stone sinks, on the other hand, call for a dish soap/water solution. 

Washcloths will enable you to remove most residue. In dire cases, you might need to use a scouring pad. 

Brush Tight Spaces

There are all sorts of tight spaces around sinks. You’re almost sure to run into them around faucets, in particular. 

The problem with these spaces is that they trap dirt, grime, bacteria, and soap scum. As such, they can turn their respective sinks into infested messes. 

For this reason, when cleaning your sink, you need to take a brush to these spaces and rid them of all residue. There are a number of different types of brushes that can facilitate this task. However, a sink scrub brush is your best bet. 

Kill Bacteria

Despite the fact that you’ve scrubbed and brushed your sink, it’s still bound to be crawling with bacteria. So, as you might expect, you’ll have to take measures to kill this bacteria. 

If you have a stainless steel sink, you can disinfect bacteria with an even concoction of water and white vinegar. If your sink is made out of a different material, a mixture of water and dish soap will suffice. 

Put one of these mixtures in a spray bottle and distribute it over the entire sink. Let it sit for a minute or so and then use a dry cloth to wipe it off. 

Restock Sink Supplies As Needed

It’s not just your sink that you have to worry about but the items that touch your sink as well. These include sponges, scrubbers, brushes, and brillo pads, to name just a few. 

Over time, these items become inundated with bacteria. Eventually, the bacteria buildup can reach seismic levels, at which point, these items are no longer satisfactory for cleaning. 

The point? You have to restock sink supplies on a regular basis. We recommend changing them up every 2 weeks to a month. 

And That’s How to Clean a Sink

And there it is, that’s how to clean a sink. Put these steps into action, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a sanitary and aesthetically pleasing sink area. 

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