how to clean a stained toilet

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Does your house have hard water that leaves mineral deposits on fixtures and appliances? Do you avoid cleaning your toilet until you absolutely have to? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you likely have some unsightly, stubborn stains lingering in your toilet bowl.

Even if the toilet stains won’t come out with your usual cleaning solution, there are still ways to get rid of them. Keep reading for our simple guide on how to clean a stained toilet with things you likely have sitting around your house.

How to Clean a Stained Toilet With Kitchen Ingredients

One of the best stubborn toilet stain removers is already sitting in your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to natural stain removal, distilled white vinegar is the best tool in your arsenal.

To clean your toilet with vinegar, lower the water level in your toilet bowl either by scooping it out or flushing and preventing it from refilling. This keeps the residual water from diluting your cleaning solution. Then, heat 5-6 cups of white vinegar in the microwave, pour it into the bowl and leave it to sit overnight.

In the morning, make a paste with equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda. Scrub the toilet that’s still full of yesterday’s vinegar with a toilet brush to loosen the stains. Then, drain the vinegar out of the bowl and use a rag to scrub the remaining stains with your baking soda/vinegar paste.

What if you don’t keep white vinegar in the house? You can also use coca-cola to dissolve mineral deposits in a pinch. Drain the toilet bowl, pour in 2-3 cans of coca-cola, let it sit overnight, and scrub it in the morning.

How to Remove Toilet Stains With Denture Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets are a little-known secret weapon against stains. Most brands contain sodium hypochlorite, a mild form of bleach that also serves as a disinfectant. They also often contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid, both of which help to break down mineral deposits.

Cleaning your toilet with denture tablets is easy—all you have to do is drop a few in the bowl and leave them to dissolve overnight. In the morning, use your toilet cleaning brush or a scrubbing pad to clean out the bowl and remove stubborn stains.

How to Get Rid of Toilet Stains With Borax

If the other two methods don’t do the trick, you may want to check your laundry cabinet for plain borax powder. Borax works both as a stain remover and as a mild abrasive cleaner. Make sure to avoid breathing in the dust and keep small children and pets out of the bathroom while you’re cleaning with it.

First, drain your toilet enough to expose the stains if they’re below the water level. Then, pour borax over the stains and let it sit overnight. Scrub it in the morning to remove stains and repeat if necessary.

It’s Time to Get Scrubbing

Now that you know how to clean a stained toilet on your own, you’ll be well on your way to having pristine bathroom fixtures in no time.

If your bathroom is in serious need of TLC, know that you can always call for backup. The cleaning professionals at Elite Home Cleaners have the tools and experience to get rid of even the most stubborn stains on your toilet, sink, and bathtub. Contact us online to get an instant free quote and book your appointment today.