best way to clean window sills

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Do your window sills need a deep cleaning? Is it time to get rid of the cat hair and that stain from the coffee cup?

Over time, your window sills attract bugs and other debris making for a pretty unsightly scene. Not to mention, some window sills are hard to wipe clean without damaging the finish.

As a result, many people put this chore on the bottom of their to-do list.

But since you are here, I’m assuming you are ready to tackle your window sills once and for all.

We want to help so we’ve got some valuable tips on the best way to clean window sills. All you need is little elbow grease and a few household items. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before you start, get everything ready.  Here’s what you’re going to need.

  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Toothbrush
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Soft cloth (preferably microfiber).
  • Optional: Baking soda, cotton swab, apple cider vinegar.

With all your supplies at the ready, you can clean your windows in short order.

Step 2: Vacuum the Sills and Tracks

It’s much easier to clean window sills and tracks that are dust-free. Vacuum the whole window, sash, sills, and tracks.

It’s important to vacuum the window so the dust doesn’t fall on your clean window sills later. Getting rid of all the dust also helps to prevent a muddy mess.

Step 3: Cleaning Your Sills and Tracks

If you have wood window sills, you want to use as little water as possible or avoid water altogether, to limit possible damage to the wood.

For most other finishes, now is when you use a cleaning agent to target stubborn dirt and grime. Spray the area with water and start cleaning the surface.

For really sticky dirt, add a few drops of vinegar. Alternatively, you can add a dash of baking soda to your water bottle for those tough spots. Pro Tip: You can use baking soda to clean nearly everything in your home.

Scrub the tracks and stubborn spots on your sill with your toothbrush. Use the brush to scrub hard-to-reach corners.

Step 4: Wipe Off All Dirt

Finally, grab your cloth and wipe away as much dirt as you can. We recommend using a microfiber cloth because they don’t leave lint like paper towels and kitchen towels do. You can also throw a microfiber cloth in the washer and reuse it.

Use the cotton swabs to lift dirt from the corners. If it’s been a long time since your last window cleaning, you may need to rinse out your cloth as you go.

At this point, your windows should be as clean as a whistle. For easy maintenance, dust your sills and tracks with a dry microfiber cloth once a week

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Clean Window Sills

As you can see from this process, the best way to clean window sills is to keep it simple. You don’t even need brand name cleaning agents, just simple household items you likely have on hand already.

If you really want to make it easy, dust your sills every week before dust, lint, and bugs build up in the first place.

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