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Many of us now don masks and other PPE as a daily ritual. We’re scared of COVID-19 and want to protect ourselves and others. We also worry about taking risks by having strangers work inside our homes.

With so much time at home, however, our spaces get messier each day. Should we hire cleaner services? Or, is that too great a risk? But isn’t a filthy house also risky?

Given that nothing is ever 100% safe, especially today, we’ll discuss the safety of hiring a professional cleaning service during COVID-19. Is hiring a cleaning service safe? We’ll help you decide.

How to Select the Best and Safest Professional Cleaning Service

Is hiring a cleaning service safe during these times? We’ll say yes, probably. We have to qualify our answer since no one can know for sure that they haven’t been exposed to COVID or any disease.

Still, a little research can reveal the likelihood of not having been exposed. When you interview prospective cleaning services, ask these questions:

  • Are your staff insured and bonded, and do you perform background checks on new hires?
  • What cleaning products and techniques do you use?
  • Are your cleaners required to wear PPE on the job?
  • How and how often do you check on the exposure and health of your employees?
  • Have you had any employees contract COVID? If so, what measures did you take to protect clients and other employees?

Asking questions like these should give you a sense of the integrity of a specific cleaning service you’re considering.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Cleaner Service

Unless the cleaners are familiar to you, try to keep a subtle distance while they’re working. If you have a home office, spend your time there. If not, designate another room as your personal space for the time the cleaners are there.

Wearing a mask yourself not only shows that you respect the cleaners and their health but also appreciate their doing the same. Perhaps you could gently offer them disposable masks if they aren’t wearing their own.

And be sure to alert the employer if the cleaners aren’t adhering to mask policy and social distancing protocols. Disinfect the areas where they worked, and (of course) don’t ask them back. After all, you want your home to remain safe as well as clean.

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Home

But we’ll guess that 99% of the time, people who hire professional cleaning services during the pandemic suffer no ill effects from doing so. In fact, we’ll bet they’re quite pleased to see how much cleaner their homes are.

Some cleaning companies even offer special COVID cleaning services. They emphasize disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, common areas, etc.

Don’t Take the Risk

Don’t take the risk of letting your home become a mess. Using a reliable and reputable cleaner service should take care of any fears you might have about exposing yourself to COVID-19 by way of the cleaners.

Elite Home Cleaners doesn’t take the COVID-19 crisis lightly. We’re pleased to have retained so many loyal customers during this time. If you’re not one of them yet, let us know, and we’ll get right back to you.