Do you want to learn how to clean your oven door?

Even if you make only the easiest recipes with your oven, the glass on the oven’s door will get stained, greased, and dirty if not cleaned regularly. This is because of how frequently the common household uses it for heating and cooking their food.

You will almost not want to clean it because of how mortifying it is. Don’t worry, though, here are five tips for you to learn how to clean your oven door properly. Read what we have below to keep your oven spotless.

1. Start with the Oven Glass

To begin cleaning your oven, start with the oven glass. You’ll often find most of the gunk sticking there on the oven door. This is often because high temperatures cause the food inside the oven to burst.

To get rid of any large, hard stains, it’s best to use something like a scraper. Doing this makes it easy to remove the gunk, but you should take care to avoid scratching the glass.

2. Use Baking Soda

Regardless of how much dirt is on your oven door, using baking soda will clean it up well. Pour the baking soda on the dirt and pouring water over it will cause the dirt to loosen up.

The resulting paste should stay on the door for around 20 minutes to ensure it gets rid of the stains on your oven door.

3. Use a Damp Cloth

A damp cloth is one of the most basic items you should have in your kit if you want to clean your kitchen like a pro. With the use of a damp cloth and baking soda, you will see how easy it is to clean your oven door.

Using a damp cloth makes clean up easier since it can absorb the baking soda paste that you’ve used on your oven. A dry cloth will only spread the mixture all over the door, making it harder to clean it up.

4. Pour Vinegar on Tougher Stains

There will be stains that you can’t remove with water and baking soda alone. When you encounter one of these stains, it’s best to add vinegar to the mixture.

The vinegar will cause a reaction to trigger when mixed with baking soda. This reaction allows can agitate tough stains, making them easier to remove.

All you need to do is make sure the mixture stays on the stain as the baking soda and vinegar react with each other. Laying your oven door is a good way to make sure the mix doesn’t slide down.

5. Removing the Oven Door

The best way to clean the oven door is to remove it first. Doing this ensures that you don’t damage your appliance while you rigorously scrub it.

This also helps you access your oven door’s hinges and corners for a deeper clean.

Learn How to Clean Oven Doors Today!

Knowing how to clean oven doors will help make your kitchen clean and presentable.

It’s the pride of your kitchen, and it needs some proper attention. Clean it well and you can enjoy cooking your meals today!

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