how to clean a fan

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Whenever a home feels stuffy or you sneeze inside your home, you can be reminded of how dusty it is. If you have fans, that can help circulate air, but dirty fans will also circulate dirty, dusty air. Most people let their fans get grimy because they don’t know how to clean a fan.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Getting Started

While most healthcare specialists will recommend that you clean your fans weekly, you should make sure to schedule cleaning at least monthly. If you wait too long, you’re more likely to have to disassemble the entire fan to clean it. By giving your fans a regular dusting and cleaning, you can ensure that your home stays clear and the air doesn’t have dust being blown around in it.

Get your gear together before you start working with your fans. If you are cleaning covered fans, you might need a wrench or a screwdriver to get access to blades. Make sure you disconnect the power before cleaning anything.

If your vacuum has a dusting brush attachment, use that to get into hard to reach spots and gather the densest dirt areas. A hairdryer can help to dry out the moisture while blowing out air. A can of compressed air can do that job as well, but either way, have a microfiber cloth handy.

Cleaning Fans on Your Floor, Table, and Window

These types of fans should be dusted regularly on both sides of the grill using the vacuum brush attachment or a duster made from lambswool. Double-check the power before reaching your hand in to clean the blades and inner workings. A hairdryer or compressed air can is good for the hard to reach places.

If the covers can be removed, hose those covers down or place them under your shower. They may need to be scrubbed to remove all of the dirt. Before you put dry grills back on, wipe down any plastic with an all-purpose cleaner to remove all the dirt and dust.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

These should be cleaned at least once every season. Most hardware stores sell a special u-shaped brush for wiping them down in between those seasonal deep cleans. Wrap the inside of the “U” around the fan blade to clean both sides at the same time.

The gear housing and the fan blades should be wiped down with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner a few times a year. Dry them thoroughly before running the fan, however, because a damp fan is going to gather more dust.

Home Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Attic and exhaust fans can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner brush or a damp cloth. This should be done at least once every season to get the most airflow in and out of your house. While some fans are controlled by thermostats and may seem off at the time, make sure they’re completely turned off before cleaning them.

Non-electric parts should be wiped down with a cloth sprayed lightly with an all-purpose cleaner.

Learn How To Clean a Fan For Your Health

It’s much healthier to clean your fans regularly than to run fans that are covered with dust and dirt. All of the grime that accumulates can end up in your lungs, making it hard to breathe or easy to get sick.

Follow our guide for keeping unwanted pests out to ensure your dust doesn’t become their new home.