playroom organization

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Playrooms are an excellent opportunity for children to explore and have fun as they learn and grow. But while playrooms provide hours of enjoyment for children of all ages, they also produce a great amount of clutter.

When this happens, we find ourselves wondering what the best playroom cleaning tips are. How do we organize a playroom so the children who use it can find all their beloved toys but so we can easily clean it at the end of each day?

Luckily there are dozens of playroom cleaning tips and tricks to help with cleaning and organizing toys, books, and building blocks. The search for playroom organization stops here. Let’s take a look at the best playroom cleaning hacks for how to organize toys and more.


The first way to organize a playroom is by decluttering. It’s normal to accumulate toys, but when we stop and ask ourselves if all of these toys are necessary, we find that we can declutter and donate items that are no longer needed.

We can also discard broken toys instead of letting them take up space in a playroom. Don’t be afraid to involve the children in this activity. Ask them to select the toys they no longer play with and make “trash” and “donate” piles, depending on the condition of each item.

Invest in Clear Bins and Labels

Clear bins are an excellent way of storing toys and books when not in use, but in a way that we can see. This way we know exactly where an item is and don’t have to spend hours searching for it.

In order to further organize these bins, it’s always a good idea to purchase labels. We can write on these labels the contents of each bin, which allow any children that use the playroom an easy solution when putting away their toys. Color code and use fun shapes and pictures to help younger children learn where things go.

Shelves and Walls

An excellent way of organizing a playroom is with shelving. This clears up floor space, giving children more room to play and an easier time cleaning floors.

In addition to wall-mounted shelving, consider free-standing shelves. It’s an easy solution to clutter without having to drill into walls with permanent shelves. Plus, many of these free-standing shelves come on wheels with brightly colored bins, making them ideal for kids to move around the room as they play.

Closet space is also idea for organizing a playroom and storing additional toys. 


Set up stations throughout the playroom, such as art, music, and reading areas. Each station should have its own bins for easy organization.

Periodically go through these bins to help keep toys in the right spot for easy access. Since some stations may have crafts, look for smaller bins to help organize craft items as needed.

Benefits of Playroom Organization

When we seek playroom organization, we not only set the stage for an easier end-of-day cleanup routine, but we make toys more inviting for children to play with. In addition, we provide opportunities for kids to become part of the cleaning process as they learn where different items go through the use of helpful labels and clear bins.

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