There is nothing more irritating than spending hours wiping down your windows and mirrors only to discover there are streaks in the glass when the light catches it just the right way.

Thankfully, there are some tricks to how to clean glass without streaks that will leave your glass surfaces sparkling and beautiful. Let’s dive into how to achieve pristine streak-free glass.

Use the Right Type of Cleaner

The temptation to use a heavy-duty cleaner is strong, but you should avoid alcohol or ammonia-based glass cleaners. These products can leave streaks on your glass and a film that attracts moisture and dust. 

Instead of using heavy-duty cleaners, you’ll want to use green cleaning products or make your own glass cleaning solution. A simple recipe for a DIY glass cleaner is 50% vinegar and 50% water. You’ll want to use distilled water to get the best results and decrease the risk of minerals in your tap water, leaving streaks on your glass.

No More Paper Towels

As convenient as paper towels are, they aren’t the best tools for cleaning glass. They can leave behind lint and cause streaks; this goes for washcloths too. To get the best results, you’ll want to use a lint-free cloth like microfiber or a squeegee.

Other options for paper towel alternatives include t-shirts, coffee filters, and newsprint. We recommend avoiding the glossier or colorful pages of a newspaper when using newsprint to clean glass, though. When using these options, be sure to spray your cleaner on your tool of choice rather than the glass for a streak-free finish.

Let Gravity Work for You and Avoid the Sun

By starting at the top of your window, you can let the cleaning solution drip down the surface to areas you haven’t cleaned yet. This also prevents the solution from dripping onto areas you’ve already cleaned.

It is tempting to clean windows when the sun is out so you can better see the dirt on the glass, but the heat from the sun can cause the cleaner to dry prematurely. This leaves you with streaks and residue where the cleaner has dried. To avoid this, cleaning your windows on a cloudy day is what we recommend.

Get in Those Corners

Dirt and residue are notorious for building up in the corners and cracks of your windows. Utilize your vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust around the edges of your windows, and then use cotton swabs to get into those hard-to-reach places. 

Buff to a Sparkling Finish

Even when using all the right tools, sometimes we still end up with a streak or two. In this case, you can eliminate the streaks with a quick buffing job. You’ll want to use a lint-free towel, like microfiber, to do this. With your dry lint-free cloth, buff over troublesome areas in a circular motion, and like magic, the streaks will disappear.

Your Problems With How to Clean Glass Without Streaks Solved

If you follow our tips on how to clean glass without streaks, your windows will be picture perfect. However, if you’d rather not tackle cleaning all of the windows in your home, call in the professionals.

We here at Elite Home Cleaners are experts in making homes sparkle. Contact us today to receive your free quote.