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In 2019, approximately 31 million Americans moved residences. According to this same data, the average American will move around eleven times in their lifetime.

Just because people living in the United States move all the time doesn’t mean it’s an easy project. Moving takes a lot of planning and energy, not to mention adjustments to a new environment. All these combined can significantly increase stress levels during the moving process.

Anything that can make moving more manageable is a worthwhile investment. Hiring a professional cleaning service for the residence you’re moving out of is one of those things. Continue reading to learn four reasons you should invest in professional cleaners during your move.

1. Get Your Rental Deposit Back

If you’re moving out of a rental property, hiring a professional cleaning service can ensure you get your deposit back. Your landlord likely placed a clause that certain things could be taken out of your deposit before returning it to you in your lease. Cleaning the property is one of those reasons, along with damage.

2. Good Impression for New Home Buyers

If you’re selling your home, having it professionally cleaned leaves a good impression for new home buyers. This is a positive for both the homeowner and the real estate agent. It’s crucial for the new home buyers to have a good experience if you want to sell more homes in the future.

3. Lets You Focus on Other Things

Your moving checklist is likely several pages long. Between packing, transporting your items to the new place, and keeping everyday life going between everything else, it can seem there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Hiring professional cleaners can let you focus on other things while simultaneously checking things off your list. Not only can you check off move out cleaning, but also move in cleaning. The same company can clean your old house and your new one for you, in most instances.

Hiring a company to also handle cleaning the new home you’re moving into provides additional benefits, besides making life easier. It can also ensure you won’t suffer allergy flare-ups and that you’ll be moving into a home you know is actually clean. Once your boxes are moved over, you can immediately begin settling into your new home!

4. Reduces Moving Stress

Moving is stressful. Not only is there an abundance of things to do, but you’re adjusting to some significant changes. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help make your big move a little less stressful.

Do You Have More Questions About Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service When Moving?

There are many reasons to hire a professional cleaning service when moving. The five reasons listed above are only a few of the best examples of the benefits you’ll receive.

Want to reap these benefits during your next big move? Contact us today for a free quote on move-in or move-out cleaning services. We’re ready to assist you in any way we can.

clean workplace

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Does your home office look like a tornado ripped through? Has it been days or even weeks since you vacuumed the floors or dusted surfaces?

You’re far from alone. In a world where more people than ever are working remotely, it’s not a rare occurrence that home offices get a little out of hand. There’s only so much time in a day, after all.

But did you know a clean workplace actually provides several essential benefits? Continue reading to learn why you should always operate in a clean workplace and how to get one if you’re strapped for time.

You Won’t Lose Important Stuff

A messy home office is a disorganized one. It’s easy to lose important stuff in a messy office, which decreases your overall efficiency.

Keeping your workplace clean means you won’t lose these items. You’ll be more efficient and make better use of work time. A project that may have taken ten hours could now only take six or seven.

Messy Home Offices Increase Stress

Studies have proven that messy work environments increase stress levels and, as a result, lower productivity levels. By cleaning up your home office, you’ll feel less stressed when working. You’ll also be more productive.

Higher productivity levels mean greater chances of getting promotions. It also means you may end up working less while making the same money, or even more (depending on the type of job you do).

It isn’t only clutter that can affect your stress levels. Dirt on the floor, dust on surfaces, smudges, and stains can also affect how you feel while working.

Gives a Good Impression

Many people are now working from home and communicating through video conferencing calls. This means more people will see your home office than ever before.

A clean workplace gives an excellent impression to anyone on the other side of the camera. It provides an image of professionalism and dedication. A dirty work area gives the opposite impression.

When You’re Too Busy to Clean

Time seems even more valuable now. People aren’t just working from home, but their children are also doing virtual schooling. This leaves many workers with considerably less time than they had before.

When you’re too busy to clean, it’s best to hire a professional to tidy up. Be sure the company you hire to clean follows only the strictest protocols to keep your family safe while they clean.

Do You Have More Questions About Keeping a Clean Workplace?

Keeping a tidy, dirt-free work environment serves many benefits. You’ll have access to the items you need at all times and suffer from lower stress levels while working. You’ll also be more productive.

Do you have more questions about keeping a clean workplace? Or, would you like to discuss hiring one of our dedicated professionals to tidy for you?

Contact us today. One of our team members can answer any questions you still have. If you’d like a free quote on our services, they can also help you with this.

cleaner service

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Many of us now don masks and other PPE as a daily ritual. We’re scared of COVID-19 and want to protect ourselves and others. We also worry about taking risks by having strangers work inside our homes.

With so much time at home, however, our spaces get messier each day. Should we hire cleaner services? Or, is that too great a risk? But isn’t a filthy house also risky?

Given that nothing is ever 100% safe, especially today, we’ll discuss the safety of hiring a professional cleaning service during COVID-19. Is hiring a cleaning service safe? We’ll help you decide.

How to Select the Best and Safest Professional Cleaning Service

Is hiring a cleaning service safe during these times? We’ll say yes, probably. We have to qualify our answer since no one can know for sure that they haven’t been exposed to COVID or any disease.

Still, a little research can reveal the likelihood of not having been exposed. When you interview prospective cleaning services, ask these questions:

  • Are your staff insured and bonded, and do you perform background checks on new hires?
  • What cleaning products and techniques do you use?
  • Are your cleaners required to wear PPE on the job?
  • How and how often do you check on the exposure and health of your employees?
  • Have you had any employees contract COVID? If so, what measures did you take to protect clients and other employees?

Asking questions like these should give you a sense of the integrity of a specific cleaning service you’re considering.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Cleaner Service

Unless the cleaners are familiar to you, try to keep a subtle distance while they’re working. If you have a home office, spend your time there. If not, designate another room as your personal space for the time the cleaners are there.

Wearing a mask yourself not only shows that you respect the cleaners and their health but also appreciate their doing the same. Perhaps you could gently offer them disposable masks if they aren’t wearing their own.

And be sure to alert the employer if the cleaners aren’t adhering to mask policy and social distancing protocols. Disinfect the areas where they worked, and (of course) don’t ask them back. After all, you want your home to remain safe as well as clean.

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Home

But we’ll guess that 99% of the time, people who hire professional cleaning services during the pandemic suffer no ill effects from doing so. In fact, we’ll bet they’re quite pleased to see how much cleaner their homes are.

Some cleaning companies even offer special COVID cleaning services. They emphasize disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, common areas, etc.

Don’t Take the Risk

Don’t take the risk of letting your home become a mess. Using a reliable and reputable cleaner service should take care of any fears you might have about exposing yourself to COVID-19 by way of the cleaners.

Elite Home Cleaners doesn’t take the COVID-19 crisis lightly. We’re pleased to have retained so many loyal customers during this time. If you’re not one of them yet, let us know, and we’ll get right back to you.

how to clean a stained toilet

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Does your house have hard water that leaves mineral deposits on fixtures and appliances? Do you avoid cleaning your toilet until you absolutely have to? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you likely have some unsightly, stubborn stains lingering in your toilet bowl.

Even if the toilet stains won’t come out with your usual cleaning solution, there are still ways to get rid of them. Keep reading for our simple guide on how to clean a stained toilet with things you likely have sitting around your house.

How to Clean a Stained Toilet With Kitchen Ingredients

One of the best stubborn toilet stain removers is already sitting in your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to natural stain removal, distilled white vinegar is the best tool in your arsenal.

To clean your toilet with vinegar, lower the water level in your toilet bowl either by scooping it out or flushing and preventing it from refilling. This keeps the residual water from diluting your cleaning solution. Then, heat 5-6 cups of white vinegar in the microwave, pour it into the bowl and leave it to sit overnight.

In the morning, make a paste with equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda. Scrub the toilet that’s still full of yesterday’s vinegar with a toilet brush to loosen the stains. Then, drain the vinegar out of the bowl and use a rag to scrub the remaining stains with your baking soda/vinegar paste.

What if you don’t keep white vinegar in the house? You can also use coca-cola to dissolve mineral deposits in a pinch. Drain the toilet bowl, pour in 2-3 cans of coca-cola, let it sit overnight, and scrub it in the morning.

How to Remove Toilet Stains With Denture Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets are a little-known secret weapon against stains. Most brands contain sodium hypochlorite, a mild form of bleach that also serves as a disinfectant. They also often contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid, both of which help to break down mineral deposits.

Cleaning your toilet with denture tablets is easy—all you have to do is drop a few in the bowl and leave them to dissolve overnight. In the morning, use your toilet cleaning brush or a scrubbing pad to clean out the bowl and remove stubborn stains.

How to Get Rid of Toilet Stains With Borax

If the other two methods don’t do the trick, you may want to check your laundry cabinet for plain borax powder. Borax works both as a stain remover and as a mild abrasive cleaner. Make sure to avoid breathing in the dust and keep small children and pets out of the bathroom while you’re cleaning with it.

First, drain your toilet enough to expose the stains if they’re below the water level. Then, pour borax over the stains and let it sit overnight. Scrub it in the morning to remove stains and repeat if necessary.

It’s Time to Get Scrubbing

Now that you know how to clean a stained toilet on your own, you’ll be well on your way to having pristine bathroom fixtures in no time.

If your bathroom is in serious need of TLC, know that you can always call for backup. The cleaning professionals at Elite Home Cleaners have the tools and experience to get rid of even the most stubborn stains on your toilet, sink, and bathtub. Contact us online to get an instant free quote and book your appointment today.

how to deep clean

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Deep cleaning your home is a process that isn’t quite as straightforward as many people believe. But, given the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your home is properly sanitized.

Not quite sure how to begin? We’ve got all the info you need.

Let’s explore everything you should keep in mind about how to deep clean your home.

Declutter Before You Start

As you might expect, you won’t be able to clean as thoroughly as you should if you don’t properly declutter before you begin. This can essentially be thought of as doing a ‘light clean’ before the real cleaning begins.

To help you get started, be sure to prioritize picking up loose items throughout your house. Put simply— the more open space you’re able to create for yourself, the more efficient the deep cleaning process will be.

It’s also recommended to plan the order you’ll clean your home’s rooms. This will help you streamline your deep cleaning and get the job done faster.

Work From Top to Bottom

This information is essential to deep cleaning your home as effectively as possible. Since cleaning surfaces can often scatter dust and dirt throughout the room, it’s often difficult to avoid spreading the mess across the rest of the room.

If you clean the floors and lower surfaces first, you’ll likely need to give them extra attention once you clean the higher areas of the room. Not only will this cause the entire process to take longer, but it can also be notably fatiguing, as well.

This method is particularly useful for cleaning showers and bathtubs, as gravity will pull the cleaning solution downward to cover the walls. From here, you can simply rinse the solution off and reapply if necessary.

Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

Homes are filled with surfaces that people are constantly making contact with. Doorknobs, handheld devices, and light switches are some of the most common.

Neglecting these surfaces will, unfortunately, cause you to spread bacteria throughout the rest of your home— even after you’ve already cleaned it.

So, ensure that you place an emphasis on cleaning these areas of your home.

Follow Up Regularly

After a deep cleaning, you’ll need to do some routine light cleaning each week so that you can prevent the growth of new bacteria.

It’s best to set a detailed schedule so that all of the key areas of your home get the attention they need. Otherwise, your deep cleaning efforts can easily become undone as buildup accumulates and surfaces are touched on a regular basis.

Understanding How to Deep Clean Your Home Can Seem Complicated to

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to learn how to deep clean your home as efficiently as possible

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

how to clean bathtubs

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Does it surprise you that there are many germs lurking in your bathroom? Some common types of bacteria that you can find include streptococcus, salmonella, and e. coli.

For example, you can find them on the toilet, sink, and floor. The same thing goes for the bathtub. That’s why it’s so important to clean it on a regular basis.

More specifically, you want to disinfect it every week and deep clean it monthly.

Not sure how to do that? Need some tips on how to clean bathtubs? If so, you’re on the right page. Keep reading for everything that you need to know!

5 Tips on How to Clean Bathtubs Properly 

There are a few things that you want to do when it comes to cleaning your bathtub. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Take Out All the Items 

Make sure to take everything out before cleaning the bathtub. This includes things like bottles, loofahs, toiletries, and toys.

That way, you won’t have to worry about them coming into contact with your cleaning products. If necessary, you can always wash them before putting them back in the tub.

2. Don’t Forget the Walls and Tiles 

Don’t forget to wash the tiles and walls that surround the bathtub. We recommend wiping them down with a sponge or cleaning cloth.

Depending on the cleaner that you’re using, you may also have to rinse the walls and tiles with water afterward to remove any residue.

3. Unclog the Drain with Baking Soda and Vinegar

The bathtub drain can get clogged by hair and other debris. To fix this, mix half a cup of white vinegar and baking soda in a bowl.

Remove the drain stopper and pour the mixture down; it should help soften the clog. From there, you can flush it out with hot water.

4. Remove Stains with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts baking soda—you should end up with a paste. Using a sponge or cloth, apply it to the stain.

Don’t wipe it right away. Instead, let it stand for at least 30 minutes before wiping and rinsing with water. Repeat the above steps if the stain is still present afterward. 

5. Use an All-Purpose Cleaner For the Tub

Apply an all-purpose cleaner to the interior of the bathtub. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down with a clean towel from the top to bottom.

When you’re finished, rinse the tub with water. Finally, dry the surface; there should be no water spots when you’re done. 

Keeping Your Bathtub Clean 

And there you have it—five tips on how to clean bathtubs. As you can see, it’s not that difficult at all!

Looking for professional cleaning services in the Greater Columbus area? We can help! Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

professional cleaner

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It is important to be well-informed anytime you are making a financial decision or thinking of signing up for a regular service. This is no different when hiring a personal service to help out around the house such as lawn care or a professional cleaner.

Combining the responsibility of independently hiring a worker plus the trust involved with allowing that individual to have access to your home is plenty reason enough to do your homework.

When hiring a maid through a professional cleaner, there are plenty of questions to ask to make sure that you are making a safe and informed decision.

Here are five key questions to ask before hiring our professional cleaning service.

What Are the Logistics of a Visit From a Professional Cleaner?

First off, fitting a cleaning service into your own schedule and determining base information is crucial. Remember to ask when services are available, and make sure it fits into your personal schedule. If you’re staying in more often or working from home, it may be more important than usual to know how long a cleaning will take.

Another key baseline piece of information is the rate of pay for the cleaning job. Depending on the size of the job, different houses could have different rates. Our professional cleaning service offers a quick and easy process to receive a quote.

What Type of Services Do You Offer?

There are plenty of different types of professional home cleaning services, offering a wide array of options. Our service offers three different major branches: an initial or deep cleaning, a recurring cleaning, and green cleaning.

What is the Reputation of Your Cleaning Service?

What others have had to say about a cleaning service after-the-fact speaks volumes about the quality. Combined with a 200% satisfaction guarantee, our cleaning service has a five-star, A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Also, we have a 4.7-out-of-5 star rating from 97 total reviews on Google.

In the case of a satisfactory job, those who purchase a home cleaning service should be sure to ask or research about the tipping policy. If a maid does a good job, a little extra appreciation could go a long way (especially during the holiday season).

How Safe is Hiring a Professional Cleaner During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Your situation or comfort with allowing someone inside your home could have significantly changed during 2020. But what hasn’t changed is that mess around the house you need addressed and our cleaning service is guaranteed to safely assist.

In addition to altering their policies, they have a succinct set of steps for maids upon arrival to your home to ensure the safety of everyone.

Get Rid of that Mess Around the House!

Remember, a professional cleaner is there to make your life easier.

If you would like to have extra free time to focus on more important things and drop the hassle of cleaning with our cleaning service, contact us or request a quote today!

playroom organization

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Playrooms are an excellent opportunity for children to explore and have fun as they learn and grow. But while playrooms provide hours of enjoyment for children of all ages, they also produce a great amount of clutter.

When this happens, we find ourselves wondering what the best playroom cleaning tips are. How do we organize a playroom so the children who use it can find all their beloved toys but so we can easily clean it at the end of each day?

Luckily there are dozens of playroom cleaning tips and tricks to help with cleaning and organizing toys, books, and building blocks. The search for playroom organization stops here. Let’s take a look at the best playroom cleaning hacks for how to organize toys and more.


The first way to organize a playroom is by decluttering. It’s normal to accumulate toys, but when we stop and ask ourselves if all of these toys are necessary, we find that we can declutter and donate items that are no longer needed.

We can also discard broken toys instead of letting them take up space in a playroom. Don’t be afraid to involve the children in this activity. Ask them to select the toys they no longer play with and make “trash” and “donate” piles, depending on the condition of each item.

Invest in Clear Bins and Labels

Clear bins are an excellent way of storing toys and books when not in use, but in a way that we can see. This way we know exactly where an item is and don’t have to spend hours searching for it.

In order to further organize these bins, it’s always a good idea to purchase labels. We can write on these labels the contents of each bin, which allow any children that use the playroom an easy solution when putting away their toys. Color code and use fun shapes and pictures to help younger children learn where things go.

Shelves and Walls

An excellent way of organizing a playroom is with shelving. This clears up floor space, giving children more room to play and an easier time cleaning floors.

In addition to wall-mounted shelving, consider free-standing shelves. It’s an easy solution to clutter without having to drill into walls with permanent shelves. Plus, many of these free-standing shelves come on wheels with brightly colored bins, making them ideal for kids to move around the room as they play.

Closet space is also idea for organizing a playroom and storing additional toys. 


Set up stations throughout the playroom, such as art, music, and reading areas. Each station should have its own bins for easy organization.

Periodically go through these bins to help keep toys in the right spot for easy access. Since some stations may have crafts, look for smaller bins to help organize craft items as needed.

Benefits of Playroom Organization

When we seek playroom organization, we not only set the stage for an easier end-of-day cleanup routine, but we make toys more inviting for children to play with. In addition, we provide opportunities for kids to become part of the cleaning process as they learn where different items go through the use of helpful labels and clear bins.

No matter what you need to be cleaned, Elite Home Cleaners have the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Contact them today for a quote and let us keep your house looking spotless all year long.

cleaning methods

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Did you know that the average American spends 6 hours cleaning their house each week?

We all want to live in a house that is clean and safe. We want to sleep at night knowing that our bathroom is sparkling and that our kitchen is free of bugs. 

However, in 2020, we seem to have less time than in previous years. The growing work-from-home culture mixed with home-schooling has left us busier than ever. 

If you want to have a truly clean house, what cleaning methods do you need to know? Why not read on to find out.

1. Clean Whiteboards with Hairspray

After a while, your beautiful whiteboard can start to become dull and marker stains can become harder to remove. 

If you would like to revitalize your whiteboard, try taking some hairspray and spraying it on the whiteboard. You can then use a clean cloth to polish the whiteboard surface. If you find that there is a sticky residue on the board afterward, you can use soap and water to wash the surface.

2. Make Glass Shower Doors with Windshield Water Repellent

You may use windshield water repellant on your car to prevent unwanted buildups of water. Did you know that you can use the same product in your bathroom?

Simply spritz some of it on to your glass shower doors and then wipe it off using a cloth. 

This is just one way that you can keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy and generally brand new. 

3. Use Coffee Filters to Clean Glass

Old newspaper or kitchen towel may have done a reasonable job of keeping your windows clean. However, if you are truly interested in making your windows shiny and streak-free, why not try coffee filters?

Use them to dry water from your windows and you will see that they leave no residue or spots.

This is only one time-saving tip that you can apply using simple kitchen items.

4. Clean Chalkboards with Baby Wipes

Let’s face it, chalkboards are cool. Whether you use them to teach your kids from home or simply have a chalkboard paint area in your living room, writing on the wall has never been so popular. 

However, after you have used them for a while, they can become filled with chalkdust and lose their sheen. 

Why not use a baby wipe to gather up and remove the chalkdust from your chalkboard? It is quick easy and leaves no residue behind.

5. Clean Camping Gear with Vodka

If you love camping you will no doubt have enjoyed many walks in scenic areas, nights by the campfire eating food with friends. The problem is that we later bring all of these odors home with us in our camping gear

How can we remove them? If you want to freshen thigs us you can spritz some vodka over your gear. If you want to add some flavor, you can add essential oils to the mix.  

My Favorite Cleaning Methods and Much More

A house is now far more than just our home. In 2020, our house is our office, where our children attend school and where we stay safe as a family during COVID-19. Since we are spending so much more time in our house, I want it to be clean and free of dust and stains. 

The cleaning methods that we have looked at today can go a long way to giving you a home where you have peace of mind knowing that your house is completely clean. 

If you are interested in learning more about cleaning and cleaning services, we can help. We leverage our years in the cleaning industry and share our experience with people like you. Contact us for more information today!

home smell good

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Have you ever walked into a person’s home and been immediately struck by the wonderful smell? How about devasted by a really unpleasant smell?

The way a home hits the nose makes a big impact on how we feel about it. Additionally, we start to make assumptions, unconsciously or otherwise, about the person who makes their home smell that way! With this in mind, it’s best to air on the side of caution and make sure that you keep your home smelling as great as possible. 

We’re going to discuss some ways to make your home smell good in this article, giving you a little insight into how you might be able to set a better mood and make a great impression. 

Let’s get started.

Methods to Make Your Home Smell Good to Others

It’s important to note that a home starts to take on the smell of the people who inhabit it. That might seem like an obvious thing to say, but it’s a sneaky thing because those who live in the home get desensitized to the odor. Whether that natural smell is pleasant or not, the ones who come in contact with it every day tend not to smell it. 

At a certain point, there’s no way to really avoid the smells that come naturally from you and your housemates. That baseline odor tends to be neutral, and the ways to improve the smell of your home tend to overpower it anyway. 

The key thing to keep at bay is the smell of a dirty home. Dirt, grime, old food in crevices, and who knows what else can all build up a nasty smell. Regular deep cleaning is the most effective way to keep those odors away. If you’ve lived on the dirty side for a while, though, you might not appreciate the smell and it might be a tall order to try and clean it away. 

In those instances, it might be a good idea to hire a cleaning company to come through and clean your home thoroughly. You’ll be struck by how much better things look and smell once the cleaning process is through.

Curating a Home Smell

After you’ve established a good cleaning schedule, you can start to tune up your house’s smell with different products. 

Candles are an excellent option, as they tend to be subtle and you can choose almost any smell to fit any occasion. The holiday season might be a great time to use cinnamon candles, for example. 

You can also invest a little bit in essential oil infusers that spray out the scent from oils as a mist. Infusers can do wonders for any room of your home, and you can pick different smells for different areas and really curate things. 

Need Some Help Getting Things in Order?

Trying to make your home smell good can be a tricky process, especially if it’s dirty. We’re here to help you take a step in the right direction.

Explore our site for more ideas on cleaning your home and getting it into tip-top shape for the time when company arrives.