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In the United States, the average adult cleans for 6 hours weekly. These quick cleaning tips will help you save time while cleaning.

Around 28 percent of Americans spend over 7 hours cleaning each week. If you master these fast house cleaning tips, you can spend your precious time doing something more fulfilling than cleaning.

Here are professional cleaning tips to help you achieve a clean house quickly:

Quick Cleaning Tips: Wear an Apron

Never underestimate the power of a cleaning apron. Carrying supplies in an apron will save you the time you’d spend retrieving them from other rooms. Instead, the supplies stay with the apron and you.

Some people use a cleaning bucket to store their supplies. Still, it’s easy to leave this bucket in another room. With an apron, your cleaning supplies are on you.

A kitchen apron with pockets qualifies as a cleaning apron. Make sure it has big, plentiful pockets for bringing cleaning supplies from room to room.

Top To Bottom

No matter what room you’re cleaning, always start from the top of the room. That way, the dirt from the top will fall onto the floor. Then all you have to do is clean up the floor once you’re done cleaning the room.

For instance, when you clean your house, start with something like dusting the ceiling fan in your bedroom. This will make all of the dust fall onto the floor. Once you’re done with the room, you simply vacuum the floor.

When cleaning your furniture, let the dust and dirt fall onto the floor. Afterward, it’s just a matter of cleaning the floor.

Clear Clutter

Most of the time, clutter is what makes a room look dirty. The most effective way of minimizing clutter is to prevent clutter from developing in the first place. If possible, make gradual decluttering part of your daily routine.

However, it’s too late for that if you need to get rid of clutter fast. Before you hire a house cleaner, here are clutter-oriented house cleaning tips you can use.

Get a trash bag and throw out all of the clutter you don’t need. If you decide to keep something, give the item a designated space. If you can’t think of a space for it, throw it out.

If you can’t throw out the clutter, you can hide it. If you need to clean up for visitors, put the clutter in a basket. Then place that basket in the closet.

You can organize the clutter later.

Extra Measures

Have an all-purpose cleaner to help you clean your bathroom and kitchen. Make sure you have enough cleaner before you start.

Use an eraser sponge for hard stains. For gunk that’s extra resilient, use a credit card to chip away at it.

Wash surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Once again, when your countertops are cluttered, find a place for everything you keep.

Listen to music while you’re cleaning to keep yourself going.

Clean Faster Than The Speed of Light

Around 54 percent of Americans clean daily or weekly. These quick cleaning tips will help make your home cleaner.

Nearly 95 percent of women feel better when their home is clean. The same could be said for men. Having a clean house is better for your mental health.

Save yourself even more time by booking cleaning services now. Let a professional maid get the job done.

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Wondering if you should hire a professional to clean your home? CONTINUE READING to find out the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning service!


Hiring professional cleaners used to be a luxury, but nowadays everyone’s busy with work and school, and there’s little time for deep cleaning every week.

Your family’s health is your priority, but if you just can’t find the time to clean your house, don’t feel bad. This is why cleaning companies exist – to make your life easier so you can spend your days doing more productive things.

Cleaning professionals will cover every inch of your home to make sure you live in a healthy, fresh environment. Plus, you’ll save money on cleaning supplies because most cleaners bring their own.

Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning service and how this decision can make your life easier.

You’ll Have More Time to Yourself

Cleaning is a tedious activity that requires effort, and especially time. For busy people, time is money and they’d rather spend it with their family or doing things they love instead of cleaning.

This is why hiring a professional cleaning service is the best way to keep your home clean and still have extra time on your hands.

Your Home Will Be Sparkling Clean

Not everyone likes house cleaning, but living in a clean, dust-free, disinfected home is a huge factor for your family’s health. Bigger homes are even more difficult to keep clean and you’d have to divide a huge chunk of your week to complete all the rooms.

Professional cleaners can do an entire home in just a few hours. You’ll not only have a spotless home, but also tons of time for yourself and your loved ones.

You’ll Reduce Stress

With house cleaning professionals, you no longer need to worry if your house is clean for the holidays or when you want to invite people over. You can arrange for a weekly or biweekly cleaning, depending on your lifestyle and whether you have children or pets to have your home in pristine condition at all times.

You should do some maintenance until the next session, but leave the deep cleaning to the professionals who’ll take care of it in no time.

You’ll Save Money

Though hiring a maid service can appear as a hefty initial investment, it can actually save you money in the long run. Think about all the supplies, effort, and time you’d need to spend cleaning your home week after week.

Time equals money, so delegating this task to a professional is a wise financial move. Also, many cleaning companies bring their own cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to buy anything yourself.

Hire Your Professional House Cleaning Service!

Today’s dynamic lifestyle leaves many families and business professionals with zero time to clean their homes and offices to perfection.

Hiring a professional house cleaning service will help you save time and money. It’ll also reduce the stress of spending hours cleaning every nook and cranny, especially if you often have guests over.

Ready to enjoy a fresh, clean, healthy home? Contact us today to book your first appointment with us and let us wow you.

professional cleaning service

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Cleaning is a job you can do yourself. But do you actually clean? With a career, children, and pets, tending to the home can be difficult. This is why many people see cleaning as a commodity or a luxury.

In reality, cleaning is necessary. It not only makes your home look nicer, but it’s better for your health. Toxins such as bacteria and even mold can build up, posing a danger to you and your loved ones.

Stop making excuses and call a professional cleaning service. Here are four reasons why you’ll love having a professional cleaner on hand.

1. They Get the Job Done Right

Sure, you can technically clean your house. You listened to your mom’s advice and read every article about cleaning. But how often do you get bored, distracted by something else, or just give up because you hate cleaning?

A cleaning service will get the job done once and will get it done. They know which products work on certain surfaces and can find the dirty and nitty-gritty areas of your home.

2. Your House Will Leave a Good Impression on Guests

Maybe you’re used to living in your own filth. But do you want your guests to see this side of you? Probably not. 

If you hate cleaning or don’t have time to keep a clean home, cleaning services ensure your home is suitable for guests.

3. Keeps Bacteria and Allergens at Bay

Did you know that dust is a common cause of the cold and flu? When your kids get stuffy noses, it’s time to stop blaming allergies and time to start dusting.

What about other bacteria and mold that can form in your kitchen and bathroom?

But why even wait till you or your loved ones become sick? Regular professional cleaning services ensure your home is constantly clean and dust-free.

4. Saves You Money

You may think you’re saving money while cleaning your home yourself and doing a poor job of it. In reality, a cleaning service actually saves money!

First and foremost, you don’t need to buy cleaning supplies. A cleaning service carries their own cleansers with them and even offer eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

The big money saver is home repairs and other maintenance issues. If you neglect to clean an area of the home, it can cause serious damage.

Take your basement for example. Basements are a breeding ground for harmful black mold. If you don’t regularly clean your basement, you’ll risk black mold growth and will need to hire a specialist to kill off the mold.

A cleaning service won’t miss your basement and every other room of the house.

The small price you pay for a cleaning service will save you lots of money in the future.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service Is Worth It

If you’re the type of person who puts off cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service to ensure you have a clean and healthy home.

If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, take a look at our deep cleaning services.

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Look at any list of the most hated household chores, and you’ll find that some pretty common everyday ones such as ironing, cleaning the bathroom, and washing dishes are included.

It goes without saying that many of us would like to know some tips to reducing housework. Maybe we need to know how to clean a house in a jiffy, whether it’s because company is coming on short notice or we have an appointment to keep.

Here are some time-saving tips on how to clean your house fast!

Clear the Clutter

Tidy up a room fast by placing all items that don’t belong in a box or laundry basket. This includes kids’ toys, magazines, junk mail, and anything else cluttering the room’s look. Place in another room the garage, or a closet, out of sight.

Remove Dust From the Top Down

If you’re planning on dusting and vacuuming a room, start with removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, walls, and any shelving first. This means any dust you miss will float to the floor or the carpet. Vacuum or sweep last to ensure this dust is removed.

Keep Cleaning Products and Tools in an Apron

Toting your favorite cleaning products and tools in an apron around your home as you tackle chores saves you time. You won’t be walking back and forth to where these are stored if you keep them at your fingertips.

Squeegee Your Windows and Mirrors

It can be time-consuming to clean glass, windows, and mirrors and get a streak-free finish with paper towels. Invest in a squeegee. It’ll remove water and cleaning agents from windows and mirrors in seconds, leaving them crystal clear.

Start Cleaning Habits to Prevent More Work Later

Adding a few simple cleaning tips to your regular routine can help prevent more involved work later. For example, wiping down your shower after each use helps prevent mold and mildew from growing. Cleaning the bathroom sink a few times a week prevents toothpaste and other products from hardening in the basin.

Recycle all junk mail immediately and on a daily basis so that it doesn’t create clutter. Donate or recycle magazines, books, clothing, and other items regularly to prevent them from piling up in your home.

Multitask With Technology

If you own a robotic vacuum cleaner, use it. You can take on another cleaning chore while it does its thing. Robot vacuums cannot reach dust in corners or up walls, but they do help maintain a carpet’s general cleanliness.

Take advantage of your dishwasher to help save time that would otherwise be spent doing dishes by hand.

Have a Routine

Perhaps the most important tip to cleaning a house quickly is to have a routine down pat. Once you know what works for you for recurring cleaning, stick to it.

Know How to Clean Your House Fast

Knowing how to clean your house fast can absolutely be done, but just remember that it isn’t a substitute for a deep cleaning. You should still give your home a more in-depth cleaning a few times a year to remove all traces of dust and grime and keep the air quality fresh and healthy.

Whether you need help with an initial/deep cleaning or recurring cleaning services, Elite Home Cleaners takes household chores off your hands. If you need help keeping your home sparkling clean, contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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