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Elite Home Cleaners is different from maid cleaning services. Our technicians have the experience and skills required to clean almost any surface.

House Cleaning Services You Can Trust

We understand your home is a personal and private place. Our cleaning technicians are legal residents who have passed a 50-state criminal background check. If you are home, we will work around you. If you are out, you can trust we will treat your home with utmost care and respect.

Experienced Cleaners

All employees are thoroughly trained and must pass our stringent testing and certification program. Just like you have pride in your home, we take pride in our house cleaning services.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Our team of professional technicians is committed to not only cleaning, but also protecting your home and its contents. Operating under the Department of Labor laws, we comply with IRS rules for classification of employees. We carry three types of insurance, protecting clients, employees and the company.

Proudly serving Lewis Center, OH and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 43015 and 43035.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional House Cleaner

All property owners need to seek the services of a professional house cleaning service. It does not matter if they own a small property or a large property; there are many benefits of having a cleaning service. Below are the 6 benefits:

House Cleaning Services | Lewis Center, OH1. Having A Clean Property

The first and most important benefit of hiring a professional house cleaner is having a clean home. Remember, cleaning experts do not only have the resources, but the knowledge and expertise. Professionals offer their services based on what you are looking for or want. In other words, they offer personalized services that will meet your needs. For example, if you want deep cleaning after every 2 weeks, a professional will adjust to that.

2. Professional Cleaning

The word ‘Professional’ does not apply to everyone, and it is used based on achieving a specific level. Professionals are people who are have not only the knowledge, tools, or equipment but also the skill, experience, and passion in a specific field. Therefore, when we talk about professional cleaners, it means you get access to a highly-skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable professional with all the tools and equipment for all kinds of cleaning.

Therefore, when you hire a professional, that is a benefit on its own because you are getting someone who knows what they are doing.

3. Bacteria And Germ Removal

Germ and bacteria are known to cause and spread diseases. The best way to protect yourself against diseases is through prevention. As such, homeowners need access to quality disinfectant solutions or products that will help in reducing the bacteria. The benefit of hiring a professional clear is that you get access to high-quality disinfectants in the market.

4. Removing Pet Odor, Hair, And Dander

Pets are animals, and like any other animal, they shed far, have an odor, and release dander. This is a problem that all pet owners must pass through each season. as such, constant cleaning is required to help eliminate pet dander, hair, and odor. Otherwise, without constant cleaning, it may cause respiratory-related diseases such as asthma. A professional cleaning service will help you avoid respiratory diseases by cleaning your property.

5. Money Saving And Affordable

We live in an era where things are tough, and everyone is constantly looking for affordable services that can help them save money. You will never go wrong by hiring a professional cleaning service. Remember, professional cleaning companies have all the resources, tools, and equipment needed to clean. If you prefer cleaning your property, you will need to invest in these supplies, which is money. However, when you let a professional handle your cleaning, you do not need the supplies and hence saving money.

6. Saving Time

Cleaning is a process that demands time allocation. If you are a busy person, it can be a challenge to allocate time for cleaning. As such, to avoid the stress and hustle that comes with cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional. They will help you clean your property as you allocate your time to things that matter to you.


Clearly, there are so many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. Get someone who knows what to do and the techniques to apply on different materials handle your home cleaning. Contact a home cleaning service today.