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Elite Home Cleaners is different from maid cleaning services. Our technicians have the experience and skills required to clean almost any surface.

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We understand your home is a personal and private place. Our cleaning technicians are legal residents who have passed a 50-state criminal background check. If you are home, we will work around you. If you are out, you can trust we will treat your home with utmost care and respect.

Experienced Cleaners

All employees are thoroughly trained and must pass our stringent testing and certification program. Just like you have pride in your home, we take pride in our house cleaning services.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Our team of professional technicians is committed to not only cleaning, but also protecting your home and its contents. Operating under the Department of Labor laws, we comply with IRS rules for classification of employees. We carry three types of insurance, protecting clients, employees and the company.

Proudly serving New Albany, OH and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 43031, 43054 and 43062.

Top Benefits Of Hiring A Professional House Cleaner

If you are a homeowner then you should consider hiring a professional house cleaner. It does not matter how large or small your house is, hiring a professional to clean it is definitely worth it. Here are the top benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner.

House Cleaning Services | New Albany, OH1. Immaculately Cleaned House

Depending on what your preferences might be, a professional house cleaner can clean all the rooms in your house, and this means having a clean bathroom kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, etc. Getting your house clean might seem like a challenging task, but it is actually incredibly easy to do once you hire a professional to do it.

2. Thorough Cleaning by Professionals

Professional house cleaners are experts when it comes to cleaning houses, which means that they know exactly how to do a deep and thorough clean and get to the hard-to-reach areas. Professionals also have access to high quality equipment, tools, and cleaning products, which allows them to do a far better job than any non-professional can ever do.

3. Removal of Germs and Bacteria

Professional cleaners use strong disinfectants and modern cleaning techniques, which is why they are better able to remove germs and bacteria. Once your property is free of germs and bacteria, it reduces the risk of you or your family experiencing allergies or falling ill. If your house is regularly cleaned, you and your family will start feeling better due to the reduction in bacteria and germs.

4. Eliminating Odors

Cats and dogs are the most commonly owned pets in people’s homes. While pets can be fun, they can leave your house with a foul odor for various reasons. Fortunately, a professional can clean all the areas of your house or just those areas frequented by pest the most and the odors will be either significantly reduced or completely eliminated by the time the professional leaves. Professional cleaners can also get rid of any pet hair found around your home.

5. Save on Cleaning Supplies

If you choose to clean your home yourself, you will need to spend a lot of money on supplies and you will probably not have any idea about what supplies to use. You may be tempted to use the cheapest cleaning products available only to regret it since your home isn’t as clean as you had hoped after using them. A professional cleaner, on the other hand, comes with their own tools, products, and equipment.

6. Saving Time

Professional cleaners focus solely on the task at hand, which is cleaning, and it is because they do it for a living. It means that you can focus on other things other than spending hours upon hours trying to clean your house. You are probably too busy or too tired to properly clean your house, which is why it makes perfect sense to hire a professional cleaner.

When it comes to cleaning your house the right way, professionals do it best because they are not only experts but also highly skilled. Sure, you can clean your own home, but a professional can do a far better job. That said, you should consider hiring a professional house cleaner today to start experiencing all the benefits associated with working with one.